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Building Inspection Perth


What does a Perth Home Inspection Consist of?

We believe that you should have a choice in home inspections and are pleased to offer you two levels of Perth home inspection services.

No matter which you choose the Resichert home inspection will include…

  •   Inspection of the site
  •   Consultation to answer any questions
  •   High quality digital photos taken during the inspection
  •   A full report along with photos conveniently sent via email
  •   A follow up customer courtesy call
  •  Access to our 100% money back guarantee

If you are undecided as to which level of inspection best suits you then refer to our building inspections comparison info. to help you determine what you need.

The Resicert Perth Home Inspection Level One Choice

Structural Building Inspection

  • This is a basic but very comprehensive inspection carried out that includes…
  • A thorough interior/external inspection of all walls, foundations and footings.
  • Recommendations pertaining to the findings of the inspection.
  • A full report of what the home inspection consisted of and the findings.



The Resicert Perth Home Inspection Level Two Choice

Resicert Structural Plus Building Inspection

This inspection is as dictated by the rules and regs of the Australian Standard  AS 4349.1-2007 which includes more detailed inspection services.

It is comprised of…

  • All the inspection areas covered in the level one inspection plus…
  • A full inspection as to the safety and integrity of the appliances
  • Detailed observations of the plumbing and electrical components
  • All outside structures and out buildings including carports and patios

The final report provided upon completion of the inspection will be detailed and comprehensive. For further information be sure to check out our sample inspection report.



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