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Building Approval Certificates

Do you have a patio, shed or other structure that doesn’t have council approval?
We can help!

Local councils all over Perth are checking up more and more on unauthorised structures - that's any building work that was done without getting council approval first. Whether it's as simple as a small patio or shed or as complicated as a multiple room extension, if you don't have council approval the council can demand that you remove the unauthorised structure at your own expense. Further, if you want to sell a property that has any unauthorised structures, it’s your responsibility as the seller to get a building approval certificate for the structure first.

Why wait until you need to sell? Local councils usually take weeks to process building approval certificate applications - you don’t want them holding up your settlement when you want to sell your property. Get your retrospective approval out of the way now so that when the time comes your sale can go through quickly and easily.

Resicert Property Inspections provides a fast, efficient and painless service for all your council building approval requirements. As chartered professional engineers we are able to:

  • Assess structures for structural adequacy and compliance to building code regulations,
  • Prepare drawings (if necessary),
  • Provide structural engineers certification,
  • Compile all documentation, and
  • liaise with council to ensure that your building approval certificate application meets all the requirements, thereby making the approval process as quick and painless as possible.


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