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Pool Inspection Perth

Everything is a trickier when you buy, sell or own a home with a pool.  There are a lot of things that should not be overlooked.  A pool inspection uncovers hidden defects, potential problems or existing violations to regulations.  It will help minimise the potentially huge cost of repairs later on.  It unearths unpleasant surprises and helps ensure the safety of your family.  Home buyers and sellers benefit from having a pool inspection before they actually buy or sell a property.  Accordingly, a homeowner also benefits from having a pool inspection because it will help eliminate potential problems in the future.

Our pool inspection will help evaluate every area of your swimming pool.  We will inspect the entire structure and make sure that the construction meets government standards and regulations.  We will offer recommendations if we see that there is a need to correct problems if there are any.  We will even evaluate your plumbing, filtration and electrical systems.  We will take note of safety risks that need to be corrected.

Our pool inspectors boast of an extensive background, knowledge and experience in swimming pool construction, renovation and repairs.  Our report will give you a comprehensive and in-depth look of the real condition of your pool.  Don’t put your family at risk!  Call or book an inspection today.


Download a sample of our pool inspection report here.